Fashion Revolution: Sustainable Design Workshop Series

Hey Everyone, we are super excited to get into the workshop series with you all this Saturday! Here is the lowdown on the event xx.

The Fashion Revolution is a global movement that promotes transparency, ethical practice and sustainability throughout the fashion industry. The movement aims to show that change is possible and encourages those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

Fashion Revolution Week runs from the 23rd to 29th of April, a week where consumers and brands alike, are encouraged to think about and ask, who made my clothes?

In Response to Fashion Revolution Week, The Habadashery Club is hosting a series of hands-on, introductory workshops. These workshops focus on sustainable design ideas to encourage a more conscious approach to consuming fashion and textiles. 


Workshop Schedule:

12:00pm Information session on ‘Intro to Fashion Revolution’ and the fashion industry's impact on the environment. 

12:30pm How to use natural based dyes. Dying using natural bits and pieces from within our backyards.

1:30pm How to use patching, embroidery and appliqué to mend clothes and give new life to an old garment. 

2:30pm information session for those wanting to learn the basics of garment construction and discussion on what is considered ethically made. 

3:30pm Clothes Swap.

6:00pm Prize draw.

* All workshops are walk-in based and no bookings are required. 
* There is no cost to take part, although a gold coin donation would be appreciated to cover basic admin costs. 
* All workshops are on an introductory level, but we would love as many people as possible to get amongst this!
* As the workshops are being held at Charlie's Last Stand, this is an 18+ event.

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