Wardrobe Crisis By Clare Press - The Podcast

Hi Friends,

I have recently started listening to 'The Wardrobe Crisis', a podcast episode released every Wednesday by Clare Press - Australian Vogue's Sustainability Editor-At-Large. She is also on the Australian Advisory Board of Fashion Revolution. 

I have found Clare to be an inspiring ethical fashion advocate and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to educating myself about sustainable fashion. A new podcast is released weekly where Clare and her guests talk fashion and real issues facing the industry are brought to light. With a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity, I could not be in more support of this podcast! 

The series is available on iTunes and I will post a link here every Wednesday to the most recent episode.

In the most recent episode Clare Press talks to Eva Kruse -  CEO and President of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, where discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet are set. 


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